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Clinique All About Shadows Review

Hello beauties!

I am back with more Clinique news!

Amazing colors & awesomeness at the same time.

Clinique All About Shadow eyeshadows *

I am in love with the texture of these eyeshadows. They are so creamy, so soft, so pigmented, so..., so......, so......

They have a really good staying power and blend beautifully.

The packaging rocks as you can choose between singles, if you like one color or duos and quads if you want multiple eye makeup combination with one small sleek palette.

Want to have a look?

All about shadow single in purple pumps € 22,50
All about shadow duo in uptown downtown € 29,50

All about shadow quad in jenna's essentials € 43,50

All about shadow quad in on safari € 43,50

All about shadow quad in galaxy € 43,50

Can you see what I am talking about?

Also there are two new Quickliner for Eyes intense eye pencils.

Super soft eye pencils, maybe too soft, with excellent staying power. I find them not easy to make sharp lines with because of the softness but they are perfect for smudging.

From left: intense truffle & intense peacock

Retail price € 19,90

How do you like them? Would you give them a try?
Have you used Clinique eye shadows before?

as always,

stay healthy & beautiful

* pr sample
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Τρίτη, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Clinique Super Primers Review

Hello beauties!

The temperature has started to drop, the first raindrops have fallen and our warm cardigans have left the back self.

But thanks to Clinique I am back with a post full of color!

This September they launched new products, new textures and new colors!

Let me show you.

Clinique Super Primers *

From top,

Universal Face Primer : neutral shade that suits all skin types without any serious skin trouble.
Colour Corrects Dullness: subtle pink shade primer that claims to brighten the skin.
Colour Corrects Redness: pale yellowy primer that neutralises any redness going on.
Colour Corrects Discolourations: pale peach primer that offers an even skin tone when dark spots and acne scars occur.

It is a line of soft textured face primers, each one targeting different need of our skin.

They are oil free, contain silicon of course which make your pores and fine lines appear smaller while at the same time prepare your skin for the foundation.

I have tried on my skin all four of them. The one I liked the least was the Universal one. It doesn't feel much of a primer on my skin.

In the contrary, the other three do a real primer's job. The feel and act like proper primers. They smooth my skin and mattify it. The foundation blends like a dream. Can't spot a difference between the three regarding their color colors but maybe that's just me.

Overall a really good primers line. Well done Clinique.

Retail price 28,50 €

Do you use primer? Have you tried one of those?

I will be back with more news from Clinique soon!

as always

stay healthy & beautiful

* pr sample

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Τρίτη, 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

5 Product Tag

Hello beauties!

Lately I have been seeing the “5-product Tag” post by fellow beauty bloggers and liked it very much and decided to do it myself.

These 5 products that I am going to show you do not change much, between summer and winter because they are my favorite everyday  makeup products all year long.

Let’s start!

    1.  Garnier BB Cream for combination skin in medium

This BB cream was a surprise for me as I have tried other higher end brands and did not suit my skin. But this one is very light, doesn't make me shiny, lasts all day with 1-2 powder touch ups, has a pretty good coverage and hasn't caused me any breakouts. 
I love it. I wear it every day and sometimes, if my skin is ok, even at my going out makeup.
The only thing I do not like is the rather intense alcohol smell once you apply it.

  1. MAC Paint Pot in painterly

Anything I say about this product, it will never be enough. I am in love with it.
I wear it alone to brighten my lids when not wearing any eyeshadows.
I wear it as a base when doing everything else. Day or Night.
This means I wear it every single day. I have other shades as well but this one is my favorite for the variety of its uses.

  1. Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara

I was loyal to another brand for years but one time I was short of cash and needed mascara asap and  thought I would buy one cheaper just for an emergency.  And I got my hands to this one.
And never looked back.
I like my lashes pretty dramatic when doing eye makeup and this mascara fulfills my wish.
Volume, Length, Intense Color, Drama, Durability. What else is there to ask?

  1. Make Up For Ever Mat Bronzer in #230

I was in the search of a good bronzer for a long time. 
Don’t be fooled. This is not the only bronzer I own but surely is one of my favorite.
I bought it during sales and when starting using it, appeared in patches after a while and caused me a breakout…….and I almost had a breakdown.
As I had irritated skin due to sun and sea, I put it aside and told myself I would try again I a month.
The days passed and I gave it another go. 
It was perfect, long lasting and perfect color match. I love it.

  1. Estee Lauder Cream Blush in 04 berry light  & H&M blush in dazzling peach.

I apologize for putting two products in the same category but it is one of the those that do change during the change of season.
So I have been wearing H&M blush all summer because it as one the most beautiful peachy, with a slight sheen to it, colors I have ever tried. It blends beautifully with the bronzer and has incredible ling lasting power.
In winter I usually wear this beautiful cream blush that gives my cheeks a healthy glow, not shine, and a splash of color. It blends easily though is not very long lasting. 
I love it though because of its dusty pink-mauve shade which is my favorite.

Well, these are my favorite 5 products that I could not live without and use every day.

Is any of them one of your favorite too? Do tell!

As always,

Stay healthy & beautiful

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Δευτέρα, 9 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Juliette Armand Elements 03 Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

Hello beauties!

How are you?

Lately I have been all about skincare, trying new things, hoping to find the elixir for eternal youth…..you know! Simple things!

During my search I came upon a product that looked very promising.

Juliette Armand Elements 03 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

For the ones who don’t know let me tell you a bit about the company.

Juliette Armand is a Greek company established in 1992 by two Greek chemists that decided to enter the beauty industry by developing new formulas.
They are well known among beauty salons in Greece as well in many other countries as you see them in the most elegant ones.
Excellent quality, top ingredients, professional research and true expectations.

A friend suggested I tried the brand and so I did.

Driven by Caroline Hirons, that notes the importance of hydraluronic acid on our skin I decided to try one Greek.

So, I got my hands on Elements 03 Hydraluronic Acid Serum.

It is a serum with active ingredient HMV Sodium Hyaluronate among the rest below.

Once you apply it on your face, immediately you feel the moisture. It is a very light textured serum that absorbs quickly.

It does not make your face oily, if you have combination to oily skin like I do and provides hydration to all skin types.

Hyaluronic Acid is the most effective moisturizing ingredient in cosmetology, as they say on their website as well, which means you get to keep your skin elasticity in good shape and improve your skin texture.

One of the things you have to do, especially after 30, is to moisturize and give your skin the ingredients is starting to lose as time goes by  in order to keep your skin balance and firmness.

I use it in my evening skincare routine after my cleanse and I will keep using it as my skin loves it and I know it does it good.

I have bought it at the Beauty Greece Exhibition but I know it retails on their website Juliette Armand for about 30 euro / 20ml

So, what about you? Have you included hyaluronic acid in your skincare?

I am waiting your feedback!

As always,

stay healthy & beautiful

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