Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα color. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων
Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα color. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων

Παρασκευή, 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Clinique All About Shadows Review

Hello beauties!

I am back with more Clinique news!

Amazing colors & awesomeness at the same time.

Clinique All About Shadow eyeshadows *

I am in love with the texture of these eyeshadows. They are so creamy, so soft, so pigmented, so..., so......, so......

They have a really good staying power and blend beautifully.

The packaging rocks as you can choose between singles, if you like one color or duos and quads if you want multiple eye makeup combination with one small sleek palette.

Want to have a look?

All about shadow single in purple pumps € 22,50
All about shadow duo in uptown downtown € 29,50

All about shadow quad in jenna's essentials € 43,50

All about shadow quad in on safari € 43,50

All about shadow quad in galaxy € 43,50

Can you see what I am talking about?

Also there are two new Quickliner for Eyes intense eye pencils.

Super soft eye pencils, maybe too soft, with excellent staying power. I find them not easy to make sharp lines with because of the softness but they are perfect for smudging.

From left: intense truffle & intense peacock

Retail price € 19,90

How do you like them? Would you give them a try?
Have you used Clinique eye shadows before?

as always,

stay healthy & beautiful

* pr sample
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Παρασκευή, 2 Αυγούστου 2013

Clinique Different Nail Polishes Review & Giveaway! CLOSED & WINNERS

Hello beauties!

How are you? Have you started your summer vacations or not just yet?

I hope whatever you do, fills you with joy!

Today I will talk to you about a new product that knocked on my door.

Clinique Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin*

After 3 years of research and 3 years of designing it, Clinique is presenting us a different nail polish that helps reduce the chances of eyes will burn while touching them with your hands and nails and skin irritate.

They have a glossy finish that lasts up to 5 days. Quite decent.

It is dermatological and ophthalmologically tested.

They are available in 12 shades: Call me Buff, Sweet Tooth, Fizzy, Hi Sweetie, Really Rio, Happy, Red Red Red, Party Red, Black Honey, Indie Rock, Concrete Jungle, Made of steel.

They retail at 16 euros.

And now the fun part!

Two of you have the chance to try them out!

All you have to do is fill in the form below. Good Luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Eirini Christopoulou

Say Yap

I have already send the winners email.

If after 48 hours pass with no response I will repeat the process.

The Giveaway is open internationally.

As always 

stay healthy & beautiful

*PR sample
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Πέμπτη, 4 Ιουλίου 2013

Inglot Haul, Swatches & Review

Hello my beauties!

I am here with a haul made quite some time ago.....! 

Those of you that follow me on Instagram you must know by now my love for Inglot Cosmetics.

I love the colours, the packaging, the quality, the prices, the variety but most of all I love its guts for competing equally a well known cosmetics company without overexposing themselves. 
They don't need to. 

Well, some time ago I went to their store in Chalandri, Athens, and did some shopping. 

Since then, I went back, of course, for more, but you have to wait the next haul post!

So this is what I bought.

Swatches from left:

matte # 340
matte # 388
# 325
# 320
# 459
# 457
# 460
# 361
# 356

And Lip Pencil # 24

The eyeshadows are so pigmented and have very good staying power!

So vibrant, easy blending and double the size of the usual eyeshadows out in the market.

I haven' t noticed any fall down which is awesome!

As for the Lip Pencil.....the words are not enough.
It is not waterproof nor drying.
It stays on your lips for hours with a slight touch up after 3-4 hours depending what you do! ;-)

It has a perfect nude pink colour, more to the pink, that suits well on a daytime makeup as well with a smokier one.

I am so very impressed & in love with Inglot Cosmetics that I dream working there!

The eyeshadows retail at around 5,50 euro and the lip pencil at 10 euro but with so many Sales they have you can stock like a maniac!

Crazy right?

Follow them on Inglot Greece Official facebook page to stay updated.

So have you tried them? 
Do you like them as much as I do?

As always 
stay healthy &  beautiful

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Πέμπτη, 6 Ιουνίου 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes

You all probably know by now my love for cream products, especially cream eye shadows.

And most of you remember my love for Chubby Stick Lip Color

Well, if you combine these two, guess what comes out!
Cream eye shadows in a convenient chubby stick packaging!

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes*

As you can see they have the same awesome stick form like Chubby Stick Lip Colors, which is soooo cool.

You swirl the back of the pen and the eye shadow stick comes out. Because of its size, it is very easy to use it straight from the tube and simply blend it with your fingers.

They feel very soft and creamy but once they dry, they stay on your lids all day which means they can be used also as eye primers like most of long lasting cream eye shadows.

The colors are very pigmented and vivid and they are a perfect solution for summer makeup that you don’t want to smudge or melt!

From top: Portly Plum, Fuller Fudge, Lavish Lilac, Big Blue, Pink & Plenty. 

The other thing that I like a lot is that you don’t need to put your hands inside a pot or something which makes it a very hygienic option.

As all Clinique products are allergy & ophthalmologically tested and 100% fragrance free.

They are available in stores since May ’13 and they retail at 19,90 €

If you are a cream long lasting eye shadow fan, like me, you should try one of these out.

Have you tried them yet?

Which is your favorite cream eye shadow?  Do tell!

As always,
Stay healthy & beautiful


*pr sample
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Τετάρτη, 27 Μαρτίου 2013

Essence Stay All Day Eyeshadow Review

Hello everyone!

How are you? Do you enjoy the weather change like me? 
You can’t wait for the sun to pop out every day like me? 
I totally get it! It’s Spring after all!

Well, today I will be reviewing a product that has been a surprise to me.

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting EyeShadow

The last couple of years I have raised an obsession to cream eyeshadows.
I find them to be one of the most genius things ever invented in makeup industry.
They are so easy to use. The chance of a mistake is so little that you can’t even see it!

They apply like a dream on your lid and with a little blending, sometimes without even a brush, you get a very good eye makeup without even having to worry about its longevity as most of them are creaseless, waterproof and long lasting. 

How amazing is that?

So, as you know, many brands have launched their version of cream eyeshadow.

I have two of the famous MAC Paint Pots, a couple of Maybelline 24hr color tattoo, but as a makeup junkie I always try to look behind the curtain as I don’t think it is a rule that expensive things are always the best.

So I came across with these cream eyeshadows by Essence, a German cosmetics brand, well known to all of you for its good quality and low prices.

So I picked up the All Day Long Lasting EyeShadow in For Fairies.

I wanted an everyday yet slightly popping eyeshadow that would not crease and stay at least throughout the working hours and I found it.

It is super creamy eyeshadow, it applies really smoothly on your lid and you don’t even need a brush.

It is a light pink with gold shimmer to it that you can build up if you want. 

It is perfect for a daytime look. You pop that on and some mascara and you are done!
Or you can match it with a deep plum shade on the corners of your eyes for a more evening look.

I never remember the prices of my cosmetics except they are super expensive but I believe this one costs around 3.50 €. Amazing, right?

So what do you think of cream eyeshadows? Which one is your favorite?
Have you tried Essence?

Stay healthy & beautiful
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Πέμπτη, 14 Μαρτίου 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Review

Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you are enjoying the good days and the rise of the temperature!

Summer is on the way, which means sun, glow and color!

When I think of summer my mind goes to bronzed skin and bright lips! I am that kind of girl!

So today I will show you a better version of a product that I loved last summer.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense*

I am sure you all know the famous Chubby Stick Lip Colors, see post here, and whoever of you tried them, I know liked them very much and in many cases became a staple of your everyday makeup.

They only thing I did not quite much like was the not long wearing fact. Because they are very moisturizing, the color did not stay for long on your lips.

So when I heard that a new version, more intense & colorful version, of Chubby Sticks came out I was thrilled and impatient to try!

I tried the shade 04 heftiest hibiscus which is a bright coral red color that goes very intense on the lips.

It is a great summer color that has a quite satisfying duration for its very conditioning formula.

I woud love to try the other shades too!

It comes in 8 bright shades and as usual they are allergy tested and fragrance free.

Release date on March 2013 and its price is € 21.90

If you have tried the first Chubby Stick I would suggest you give this one a go.

Stay healthy & beautiful

*PR sample

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